Dr. Rob Mohr was one of my earliest mentors and his encouragement has meant a lot to me, beginning from my earliest days with the Ajijic Writers Group. He is a literary and art critic and now lives in North Carolina and has sent this letter to me about THE GAME THAT NEVER ENDS.

"I finished THE GAME THAT NEVER ENDS, that Mel Goldberg had reviewed, and found the story a good one ... just before the end it got a bit slow as Sandy was leaving his job with Goran. That might have been a good place to have him mature a bit from his experiences. John Fowles’s, DANIEL MARTIN, was all about Daniel's growing up in his thirties.

The cricket and rugby matches were very interesting, and afforded a real learning experience. I think that if you had put a brief of the rules in the back of your book ... it would have made the process a bit easier to understand. (DAH note: a few readers have made similar comments to me. Perhaps I could have explained the games more but readers come from all parts of the world and many of them do know the games well and might find that pedantic, but I will consider it in the second edition.)  

Sandy proved to be a super hero when it came to sports. Your human interactions were good as well as the dialogue. A trick Fowles used was to have some of the other characters be the voice over in some of the chapters. I think it would have been illuminating to have Pippa narrate one of her chapters. Or even Alex. (DAH note: A great idea!)

The ending was well done and was a perfect closing for those of us who were rooting for those two to get together.

You character development for the various women was very well done -- they were each their own person. In future novels you may want to handle the sex in a less graphic way: more sensuality and mystery. Their inflection, scent, sound of voice, and so on...

Overall, I believe you did a very good job ... especially with the character development, the structure, the human interactions, and the dialogue. None of that is easy.

Congratulations ... yours Rob Mohr"





Posted: April 18, 2019 @04:27 pm
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