Authors of historical fiction worry about getting their facts right and hope that an academic of the period will not come along and refute anything you wrote. Today I received an email from one such gentleman and his remarks, reprinted below, made my day. The writer is Joe Wood, former President of the Panama Canal Museum Collection and a man I have never met. Thanks Mr. Wood.


        I just finished reading your excellent book. I found it fascinating and revealing of some history of which I had previously not been aware. My grandfather was a Colombian soldier stationed in Panama during the 1903 revolution and remained in Panama once independence had been achieved, so I relate personally to your story.

        Your descriptions of the characters and places were spot on and brought me back to a time lived through stories told to me by my grandparents. Thanks for bringing this wonderful story to light.


When you read "How Teddy Took Panama" you will see that the soldiers of the Colombian garrison in Panama City feature in the narrative, so to have the grandson of one of them congratulate me on being spot on is very gratifying.

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