We recently returned from attending the 2012 Reunion of Old Worcesters to celebrate the founding of our Naval College 150 years ago. It was a wonderful event attended by 600 OW's and guests that lasted three days. The final event was a grand banquet at the Portsmouth Guildhall where HRH The Princess Royal (Princess Anne) was our guest of honour. She gave a very complimentary speech and mentioned her surprise to learn of some of the far flung places we had come from. Australia had the most in numbers and she said "there is also someone from South America." Her geography (or that of her staff) was a little off as the only one who came close to South America was me and as you all know Mexico is in North America.

Because of HRH's security no photographs were allowed (except the official photographer) but my friend, Terry Milne, took one of Susan, his wife and me after HRH had departed - see it in the photo gallery section.

I was glad she finally left so I could loosen my collar and bow tie as it was killing me. It appears that I have put on a little weight since I last wore my tux and dress shirt. Susan, who received many compliments on her striking red dress, and I decided that this would be the last time those clothes would be worn and we left them at the Royal Maritime Club for the housekeeper when we checked out the following day.

I also took the opportunity to sell more copies of my book KWANGCHOW. Some of the OW's (and wives) present had already read it (they got it via Kindle even as far away as Australia) and I was again happy to receive many kind words from them. One Australian lady kept asking me "Did you really do all those things?" but I avoided a direct answer as I detected that she really only wanted to talk about the sex parts.

It was wonderful seeing many of my OW shipmates, most of whom I hadn't laid eyes on for 55 years. 


Posted: November 19, 2013 @03:53 am

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