I am currently hard at work on my new book - working title: How Teddy Took Panama.

It is an historical novel about the original Panama Canal Treaty (1903) that involved the secession of Panama from the United States of Colombia. I have been interested in this subject ever since I worked in Panama, originally from 1962 to 1965 and again from 1974-1984. On both occasions there were riots and turmoil about the unfairness of the original treaties and the creation of a Canal Zone in perpetuity.

Historians have long known that much of what happened was covered up and that Teddy Roosevelt did much more than he ever admitted. Writing it as a novel allows me to put forward my own theory about what really happened. The hero is a US Secret Service agent, Jack Quinn, on special assignment and reporting only to the President. All the main characters are in the book including Secretary of State John Hay and the infamous Frenchman Philippe Bunau-Varilla the authors of the original (Hay-Bunau-Varilla) treaty that gave the US rights to the Canal Zone in perpetuity. 

As it is a novel there is of course a love story involving Jack Quinn and beautiful and slightly mysterious married Panamanian lady. 

I have had to have a plotting board to make sure I get all the facts and dates right and I am putting a photo of it in the photos section (I hope)

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