When I presented the book to Joe Wiegand (see photo below) he promised that he would read it and send me his critique. He posted a review on Amazon and wrote to me that he loved it so much he wanted my permission to send it to a California screenwriter - he thinks it is Hollywood material! I reproduce his review here:

"In the last ten years, I've read nearly everything Theodore Roosevelt wrote, and a great deal of what has been written about him, including the great works by Hagedorn, Morris, McCullough, Brinkley, Kearns-Goodwin, and more. Without a doubt I have just read the work of historical fiction that stands out as the story that would best make a tremendous screenplay and film. All the ingredients are here: history, romance, intrigue and action.

David Adamson Harper has woven a beautiful mola, and laid it across the flesh and bones of amazing history. A bully good tale, highly recommended."

Thanks Joe, and I'll make sure that Daniel Day Lewis does not get the part.

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