HOW TEDDY TOOK PANAMA is finished but the polishing will continue until I find an agent willing to take it on. Writing a book is the easy part trying to find a publisher, or an agent, is excruciatingly hard.

Who really knows what will sell? There are great authors out there who never get recognized. Chad Harbach spent ten years trying to get an agent for his "The Art of Fielding" and in the end only got one because an author friend of his insisted that his own agent read it. It was so good that they auctioned it to the highest bidder and on publication it immediately went on the NY Times top ten list and had rave reviews. I found it a fascinating read.

So what's wrong with agents that they didn't see it? The problem is that agents are inundated with book queries and most don't have the time to spend reading more than the query letter as they are also serving their existing clients. If it doesn't strike them as something they can sell to a publisher then they wont bother with it. 

So like thousands of others I'm sending out my query letter and hoping. I know I'm not the next Ernest Hemingway or even Bernard Cornwell (one of my favorite historical novelists - the Sharpe series, et al.). But I know I have a good story and one day...

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