Mary Hadfield of Yonkers, New York wrote:

I wasn't sure I would like this book as I understood that while it was an adult love story, and I emphasize adult, there were sequences about games that I knew nothing about. The author weaves cricket and rugby football into the story but I found they added great interest. I suspect the author wrote from life and what an interesting life it was. His descriptions of San Francisco in the 1960s as well as Oxford, London Siena and Stockholm were delightful. Most love stories I read are written by women with women as the main character and it was eye opening to read about it from the man's side. The author has a fast paced style and I enjoyed every minute of the book. I finished it at two in the morning in just three days. I was hoping the game would never end.


Gerry Flynn of Brentwood, California wrote:

I had a tough time with the first cricket game but most important it was for me a page turner and made for a few late nights.

Note to readers: the first cricket game is 3 pages but sets up the rest of the story.


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