HOW TEDDY TOOK PANAMA by David Adamson Harper

      (an historical novel of 90,000 words)

Theodore Roosevelt's greatest achievement as President was the Panama Canal. Historians have never discovered how Teddy managed to bring about the conditions that allowed the USA to obtain a very favorable treaty in 1903. It granted the USA not only the right to build the canal, but also to create the Canal Zone, a US colony in Panama.

HOW TEDDY TOOK PANAMA tells the explosive story behind the history. How he did it. How his secret service agent Jack Quinn helped the rebels in Panama gain independence from Colombia. How an obscure Frenchman, Philippe Bunau-Varilla, came to represent Panama and give the USA everything Teddy wanted in the treaty. How insider knowledge financially benefited a select
few Americans.

Jack Quinn, who had served with Teddy and the Rough Riders in Cuba, is sent to Panama to help bring about their rebellion. Once there he falls in love with a beautiful Panamanian woman. He fights a duel against the man who poses a threat to the rebels, a brutal Colombian colonel, who is also the
husband of the woman Jack now loves.

MY QUALIFICATIONS: I worked in Panama when the new treaties were negotiated in 1975/6 and assisted the State Department by speaking in favor of them to both skeptical American audiences and a hostile Canal Zone population. After the treaties were ratified I was appointed US Consular Agent in Colon, Panama, when the Canal Zone reverted to Panama in 1979.

When researching the original 1903 treaty for my speaking engagements, I learned how US support helped Panama achieve independence, thus laying the groundwork for the 1903 treaty. History hinted that Teddy was more involved than was known and I knew there was a story waiting to be told.

Now a writer, retired from a career in the maritime industry, HOW TEDDY TOOK PANAMA is my second novel. It is an historical romance based on this momentous time in American history. Its sparse writing style could translate easily into a motion picture in the manner of Spielberg's "Lincoln", but with a love story and more action.

PUBLICITY: In 2014, the Panama Canal's one hundredth anniversary will receive worldwide publicity; a year or so later the opening of the third set of locks will revive more interest. There are legions of Teddy Roosevelt fans out there and this is the first novel ever written that features him.

David Adamson Harper

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