David Adamson Harper


Where Did this photo come from?

Some people have asked me where the photo of me that appears on the back cover of my book KWANGCHOW came from. It is a picture taken at a ship party, on the KWANGTUNG (not the Kwangchow), in Kobe, Japan in 1959. I am in the middle and Sparks, who featured in the book is to the left of me. On the extreme left is George Latham, Third Engineer. George was my model for the character of Jim Lathrop, 3/E, who also appears heavily in the book. I have to thank him for sending me the photo, from over 50 years ago, and also for immediately remembering me when I called him in Australia in 2011. I had found him through the Swire Mariners Association who still keep the good old days alive through the wonders of the world wide web.

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